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Waterpomp - Centrifugaalpomp
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Model HGTF1-350.650
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Attention, the pumps are new (surplus). There are 2 pumps available. Possibility to purchase separately.

The HGTF is a horizontal split case pump. The pump is split horizontally over the centre line. By raising the upper half of the pump casing, access can be gained for inspection of maintenance work. The inlet and outlet flanges are situated on the lower half of the pump. The pump casing is equipped with interchangeable wear rings.

Pump data:
Design : Horizontal split case
Type : HGTF1-350.650
Stages : One (1)
Speed : 1200 – 1800 rpm
Direction of rotation seen against shaft end : C.W.
Suction/discharge flanges : DN400PN10 – DN350/PN25
Impeller : Nickel Aluminium Bronze F60/F70 - CuAI10Fe5Ni5C - CC333G - NEN-EN 1982
Impeller installed : Ø 685 x 72 mm
Shaft sealing : soft packing / Gland

Bearings : Ball bearing
Capacity : 2.000- 3000 m³/h
Total Head : 150 mwc
N.P.S.H. required : see pump curve
Efficiency : see pump curve
Absorbed power at highest duty point : see pump curve

Pump materials:
Pump casing : Nodular Cast Iron GGG50
Impeller : Nickel Aluminium Bronze F60 F70
Pump shaft : Stainless steel 4.122

More specs available !

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